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Cat Tien Trip


NOTE: All the photos in this post is taken by the brilliant photographer Kathy Duong I take no credits of her work.

I’ve survived the hardship of jungles, leech, hen-sized mosquito, bed bugs, and a 200km US road walk. Worship me! Okay maybe it’s not as horrible as it may sound, I actually enjoyed the fieldtrip. So, yes, we went to Cat Tien while the 5-8 graders went to Da Lat.

Well, here’s what we did. We took a bus ride of 3 hours on Wednesday to Cat Tien National Park, then we hunt for lunch (not literally but the Cafeteria was so difficult to find). After that we learn about the leeches, extra sized mosquito and termites and apply our leech socks. Then we went for a 5km hike to Crocodile lake. It was the longest hike under the 40 degree Celcius sky.

Well here’s why I said 100 km US road earlier. 1 km through jungle = 4 km normal VN road. 1km normal VN road = 5 km US road (yes, our road is that rough), we went there and back so: 5x2x4x5 isn’t that 200km US road? (WOOHOO I can do calculation without a calculator! (not really) WORSHIP ME!)


This is (from left to right) Ms, Asmaa, Nancy, me, Steven, Tony N (staring at the tour guide) with our leech socks on ready to hike.

Here’s the truth, the crocodile lake was beautiful, gorgeous, but the rooms…I nearly faint when I saw them. No fans, 1 small sized light/room, no AC, something was dead on my bed, dust bunnies everywhere and we have to share 1 bathroom which is not a bathroom. But really, think about it. You don’t get much electricity (dude, it’s a jungle), giving us some lights was a deadly privilege not to mention fans or AC. It was dusty, so what? Bleh. How many visits do they have that stays overnight? There, I’d reason my way out of complains.

DSC00078Sunset on Crocodile’s lake (JEALOUS?..No? Bleh.)

We saw crocodile’s eyes in the night with flash light, yeah! That’s our reward. Well, we 9th grade (accept Kathy, bleh! Kathy!) made a circle on the balcony of mr. Brandon’s VIP room (it’s just a room on a wooden boardwalk with a bathroom). We talk, discuss, it was fine. Then we slept on the balcony, outside, where all the mosquito is. But it was fun.


Here’s the boardwalk to Ms. Asmaa’s VIP room. We 9th grader all slept at a similar balcony of her room (all 7 of us squish into one balcony)

On the next day (Thursday), we hiked back. That 5km was short, we were energetic (Tony was singing BABY BABY BABY OHHHH!!). We were to see the bat cave but unfortunately it’s “not safe.” Then we were glad to be back to the national park checking in.

Here’s the thing about food. On Wednesday, all they’d feed us was fish. Lunch: Streamed fish, sour soup with fish. Dinner: Fried fish, dried fish, grilled fish. Next morning: Fish porridge. Ms. Asmaa was definitely mad about that (which results in a friendly discussion with the receptionist and we get pork in Thursday’s lunch).

Nancy was an amazing, talented, pain-endure-er. She went through an hour of hiking with a leech on her foot and not until we went back to the hotel she was calmly saying, Maddie, I think there’s a leech on my foot. *SCREAMING CUE, and that’s when I went crazy.

I knew my medic kit would come very handy sometimes. Bleh. Nancy made me feel like a medic.

After lunch we got some rest and went to WAR! NO! Not that war! WAR! WAR!! Okay… WAR as in wildlife animals rescue. You get the idea. We saw bears, those poor things are rocking back and forth because their mental weaknesses that they’ve develop earlier in life. We saw bears hitting on Steven and fought for him (yes, they did).

DSC00133The bear that <3 Steven. Isn’t she beautiful?

The best thing we saw was Lucy. Lucy is an amazing, toned, awesome leopard who was rescued when she was a baby from illegal trades. She was the most beautiful thing and she pays us human no heeds. She was rolling around in her super sized cage growling like saying “The heck is with you human, stop peeking at me!” We were in luck that day because it was one of the rare time in the day that they’d feed Lucy. Imagine seeing a leopard with all its magnificent toying and hunting a chicken. Yeah. We’re that awesome!

DSC00147Yeah, that’s Lucy! Too bad I couldn’t upload the video.

After that was the best dinner of our trip. We get pork, spring rolls, and awesome vegetable and pumpkin soup.

Finally, we went on our night Safari. We saw a loris pygmy crawling on the leafs, 4 dears (they are rare in VN). After that we have a camp fire. Me and Kathy bout ourselves red bulls. We hope it’d help us stay awake. After a while, the camp fire was still big yet it collapsed into Nancy’s, me and Kathy’s direction. Of course, we didn’t get hit. Unfortunately, the red bulls didn’t help. We slept like pigs till the morning.

On Friday, we went to Dao Tien and learn things about gibbons from EAST. Ms. Stephanie was one of the most amazing person I know. She tells amazing stories about gibbons and their love songs. Did you know that when gibbons found their girlfriend/boyfriend, they will never leave them? Yeah. When they found each other they will sing a romantic ballad together starting off with the girl high pitch then the guy’s low pitch then the girl then the guy end the song. After that they set off to the romantic sunset and makes babies, and it’s like a disney movie! There were several story to them but one I remember well. Ms Stephanie was telling us about the story of Da and Lat. Da and Lat was trapped in separate cages in a fuel station from when they were babies. Da was the girl, she was trapped with Na, another gibbon. Yet Da and Lat’s cage faced each other so they spend all day staring at each other and singing. Da completely ignored Na even if he shared the same cage. When EAST found them and rehabilitate them, Lat was a weak gibbon, he couldn’t sing well. Singing to gibbons means attracting mate, and territorial protecting and if the male can’t sing well, other gibbons will displace them. Thus, Da sang the part of Lat and protects him. After 18 months, they both were rehabilitated and return to the jungle, Da and Lat finally sang their song together. (WOO HOO!! I WORKSHIP DISNEY!)  I couldn’t help but empty my wallet to buy a gibbon plushie to support them.

Overall, I liked the trip.

For you Da Lat people, BLEH! We know you lived like kings for 1 day at the awesome villa but hey, you ever seen a leopard hunting a chicken? Oh SNAP! PWNED…Nah, just kidding. I’m just jealous.

Comments makes me happy (no ones visits anyway).

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Original Art


Hello, no one really reads these things so I’ll just really post some of my personal art doing here. This is one of the piece I’ve done this afternoon. Yes I know, the girl in it’s called Sakura from Naruto. Yes. I don’t own Naruto (aren’t you glad?), so I don’t own Sakura. Kishimoto does though. Well, in case you use this picture, just comment me the purpose (I don’t think you would anyway) and give me the credit.

I know it’s not the best picture out there either but I guess, it’ll do for now.

This is “My Spring” as I named it. Thus, as a Naruto fan I can’t resist not having a little Sasusaku in it. Hope you like it.


Har Har Har I love putting my sig on it… okay babble time’s over.

Comment me please.

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Pride in Myself Meme


First of all, this is for 2011 Edublog Challenge (if you are not aware of that.

Next, I’m going to tell you about some pride in myself.

Usually, I don’t take pride in myself  (and I’m sure I’m not the only one). It’s always not enough for me, as for you guys, I wouldn’t know.  There is little things I take pride in yet those things are little themselves. Pride to me, isn’t winning a trophy or crossing that line of awesome-ness (that’s a new vocab for you, just don’t use it in the SAT or on your essays). I take pride of things that I’ve feel proud about, that I certainly will talk about sometimes when I stopped being shy (and I’m sure I will not take about my achievements in there).Well, not that I don’t have any (if you want it, BRING IT ON!)

Well, back to topic.

Something I takes pride in is just simply being able follow my dream path that my parents does not support. It isn’t that clear now but maybe I’ll be an artist/lawyer/ superstar in the future. Maybe I’ll post some stuff I’ve done on the computer, coloring with SAI (it’s a genius program you should know about) only by mouse (b/c I can’t afford a Wacom tablet). It’s just that having practicing art without any further purpose than just entertaining helped me so much. I’d just put art in everything I’ve done and it’s appreciated (isn’t that how life works?) For example, there’d been a play, “Children of Myth” going on, and Ms. Alice assigned me to design costumes and create a publication art. Well, that I am proud of. Originally I panicked, I had my sketches on paper and yet at that time, I have no idea how to color on computer and that’s a requirement. (Pardon my babble) Therefore, I asked Rose, my best friend to color it for me. She said she’s glad to and she’ll complete it in 3 days. Well, it turns out, the first time in years, I’ve put my trust in somebody, it’d just come back and bite me in the butt (pardon my French). There, I decided to do it myself, because no one’s going to do it for me either. I knew right there I have to do this MYSELF. Not Ms. Alice, Rose or anyone else. Therefore, for the first time in my life, I scanned my drawing, recover the lines using basic mouse on SAI, colored it and send it. Yet, I was in a rush, so it wasn’t as beautiful as I would’ve wanted, but Ms. Alice liked it anyway. I took pride in being able to do it myself, having the gut to try new things, and finishing it with flying colors.

ACLLQ poster

I know, this isn’t the best picture out there, I’m not saying it is either, but I take pride in it. I was my first work on computer and by mouse.

Lastly I hope Nancy, and Kathy to continue this Meme.

Thank you for reading (you have a lot of free time don’t you?)

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Review Time


Hey there, this is another post for the challenge.
We’re having a few projects in our school for finals, probably for the major courses. English, Geometry, Biology, Social Studies and of course, etc. I hope it’s not going to be a stressing final. Because if it really is, I’d break, literally.
Of course, I’d review, not in April though. Everything’s in April for our school. Field trips to be planned, important dates. Review isn’t April for me. Maybe mid May.

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My Avatar


Hey there. Time to babble!

As you know, I’m still trying to catch up (Thank you captain obvious), so I’ve uploaded my avatar. There it is.

I am glad that I found it. Yes, I’ve found it, that means I haven’t made this. This came from Club Penguin‘s monthly catalog, all the credit goes their way.


Well yes, continuing my post, I’m not a penguin. Yes, I don’t look like a penguin either. This is a nice representative of me because of my hyper mood right now, and this picture is why I cut my hair from the bottom of my back all the way to my shoulders. This picture is not too feminine but not too tomboyish so, it fits me.

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Let’s Save Earth


Hey, it’s me again (who else could it be? My evil twin?)

I know this is totally, totally not Earth day (I am aware of that). I’m catching up though.

Well, I’m one of the SLC member. We do things to improve our society, school, environment, etc and fortunately, we’ve organized a field trip to WAR (Wildlife At Risk rescue station in Cu Chi) for teachers and students from our school. We visit animals learn about them and each of their story, plant trees, leave donations to save the animals. Yes, we did have an awful lot of fun.

(YAR YAR FIDDLE DEE DEE being a pirate’s alright to be…) Back to topic.

Well, here are some pictures taken by Nicholas Tran a brilliant 6th grader photographer of TAS. Scan them over.


This is Bolt, we had payed 100 dollars to support and named this handsome guy. As you may know, he’s a victim (*sob* poor thing) of illegal trade. He cannot be release to the natural habitat due to consumers and lack of ability of finding food. (WAHHH isn’t it sad?)


Well, isn’t he a cute otter? (assuming it’s a he). He came from another illegal trade from Cambodia. People (evil people!) captured him in order to take his skin, use his meat for food, etc. They’ve rescued him and his family and now, he’s happily living with WAR’s volunteers and workers along with his family. He, too, cannot be release.


Hang on there, it’s alright. Don’t cry. These are traps had been confiscated by WAR and now they are in the display room, never hurting a single innocent animal any longer. I was shock the first time I saw this. How inhuman would it be? Stepping into one of these would snap your bones, leaving you perhaps, limping forever. How painful would it be?

*Sob* It’s so sad. Okay. Never mind. You’ll figure out in time I guess. I’ve learn a lot of things during Earth day this year. It’s a great experience (and fun to plan too).

Comments makes me and the animals happy.

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Why Visit My Blog



Okay. Hello There. Hi. Over here please! Okay, great. Now that I have your attention. I’ll tell you why my blog is not worthy visiting

1) You love my blog because it’s… educating?

I guess, you learn a few things, I’ll learn a few things. We all learn a few things somewhere here. So far it’s pretty much about Hans Zimmer and the House of Night series (bleh eh?) but I guess I’ll work on the content later. Wait… Did you know more people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes? (YAY! You learnt something from me today!)

2) You know you love my blog because it’s… insane?

I hope no teacher from my school (other than Mr. Jon Holf) reads this, but I guess I babbles in my blog. It’s fun to write this (derp), yet I hope it’s fun to read it too. Try the Big Red Button if you have time.

3) I know that you know that I know that you loved my blog because…it’s simply is real.

I’m just another teenage girl babbling about her imperfect life. Everyone got a story, and here’s mine. (Wow, cliche much?)

… Anyways, please show me that somebody do read this, comment for once.

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Own Choice Post


Two post in a day, I’m on a roll again. Everyone just loves everyone here don’t they? I’m thrilled to tell you about myself…not exactly but close enough.

I love books, period. Well, good books I guess (har har har, NERD WORLD DOMINANCE)… okay maybe not. I’m just writing about my favorite (or one of my favorite) series. The House of Night (Dun Dun Dun).

Okay… it’s not the most educated series, it’s not To Kill A Mockingbird (this is a brilliant book, I agree) or Of Mice and Men (another great book I guess), but The House of Night is passionate (and full of vocab).

There’s so so so so so many Vampire books out since Twilight (it’s like every movie is 3D since Avatar), but I guess The House of Night is a fine book. It’s a girl’s book (boys, deal with it). It’s emotional (and awesome!). Sorry but I’m not giving anything away (har har har… No Spoiler!)

Original image: ‘House of Night‘

house of night 4

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

This blog contained one of the most brilliant review.


This is The House of Night’s official website. Check it out, it’s awesome!


Well, this is it. Until next time. Comments are what I kill for… okay maybe not… close though.  If you’re visiting… Please, leave me something.

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My Favorite Post


Babble TIME!

Hey it’s me again (of course, who else would it be?). Well, since today is Friday the 6th of May, I’d tell you something else about me. Hello. If you really care that much, you’d read my about page (it’s a very important fine page!), you’d know I like reading. Too bad they’re not asking for a writer or a favorite book aren’t they?… (Yadda yadda yadda) Nah, I have a musician in store.VIOLA! I’m going to introduce you to Hans Zimmer!…Bleh, he’s no one, he’d only compose over a 100 brilliant music pieces for movies like The Dark Knight, Inception, The Lion King, etc… and he only won four Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, a Classical Brit Award and just another Academy Award, no biggee. NO! As much as I would love to talk about how I love his music, I certainly do know that you don’t want to hear/ read any of that.  I’ll give you three links, like they‘ve asked.

Original image: ‘Hans Zimmer Receive His Walk of Fame Star ‘

Hans Zimmer Receives His Walk of Fame Star

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

This is his official website, you could listen to a few of his tracks here, stalk get some heads up.


This is one of the most reliable website to get info on Hans Zimmer.


This is his facebook, official or not.


That’s all I have to say. Comments makes my day.

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Celebrations – family


For as long as I can remember, I haven’t been so socially interactive with others. I’m awful… as in I don’t trust people, I don’t depend on them, I don’t talk to them if necessary, I’m prejudice and nit-picking. Well, can’t blame me, welcome to Vietnam.

Yes, that does mean I’m not exactly interactive with my family either. I dislike my cousins and aunts from my mother side, they are prejudice against the fact that I’m going to an international school (it’s true, they’re just jealous and took up a religion called all-international-school-student-is-evil-horrible- and-they-are-absolutely-idiots and they are faithful to that believe). Well, except for a few that went to the U.S, they are of course, understanding, but hey, when do I get to see them anyway?…Enough babble. Back to topic.

We don’t get family reunions anymore, well 3 times at most a year, if we have more, it must be without me. I’m a 15 (proudly stated after April 5th har har har), I’m growing up and I need to be let alone. You know what I mean. That’s why I don’t want family reunions when your relatives compares you to another and says they are smarter, skinnier, fairer, taller, whatever. Maybe it’s just me ATM but nonetheless I don’t attend family reunions unless they are urgent and completely necessary (tell me it’s unhealthy, I don’t care)

I don’t attend the talking. No, not at all. Sometimes mom had to drag me and bribe me with soda (yes I love soda!) to get me to the dining table. It’s awful wonderful, listening to adults babble about how wonderful their child been, how wonderful business is, how amazing is the government treating them.  Yes, it’s all awfully interesting. But that’s on my mother’s side, my father’s side is fine, they give me a sense of belonging.

(Wow I babble!) There were so many moments when grandma and mom succeed to embarrass me at the table. Well, first they started up with how my body is unbalance (hey, hey, no evil assumption, I’m a badminton player!). Then mom started with now I tend to grab my breakfast at 3pm (yes, it’s a student life). After that they bombard me with how my life schedule doesn’t work.

…In the end, I conclude, family reunions need more attention (or less) and I need to have a better social life (again, no evil assumption, I know you’re thinking I’m an emo!)

Comments makes me happy.

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